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Give Yourself Time

In a world full of 8-week transformations it can be impossible not to want/expect instant results. We want to lose weight & we want to do it as fast as possible. We spend years having poor eating habits but have expectations that the next fad diet will help us lose the weight in no time. We push ourselves harder & longer in the gym in hopes to see faster progress. We constantly look for a magic supplement, diet, workout etc. that will give us instant results. We must start setting realistic expectations for ourselves! Did you gain those extra 15-20 pounds overnight? No, it most likely took years of poor eating habits, less than optimal physical activity & negative relationships with food to get there. It’s okay, we have all been there. Alternatively, are you already at a healthy weight but unable to improve your body composition or athletic performance? This stagnant progress is likely due to chronic undereating, overtraining, hormone imbalances among other issues. Yep, been there too! These habits and behaviors take TIME to change. And the effects of these habits and behaviors take TIME to heal! We must first address the underlying issues before we can make any sustainable, long-term changes. Adjust our eating habits to include an appropriate amount of nutrient dense, unprocessed food. Adjust our physical activity to a level which is complementary to our goals. Shift our focus on improving hormone imbalances, gut health, sleep deficiency and stress levels. We must improve our perception of ourselves with positive self-talk & acceptance. Until we address these issues it’s likely that any progress we achieve will be short-lived or hard to maintain. We can’t change everything all at once either. Doing so sets us up for failure and frustration. It might take more time, and it might not provide instant gratification, but by putting in the foundational work we begin to earn our body’s trust & heal the damage that’s been years in the making. THIS is where the real magic happens✨

It’s a tale as old as time “slow & steady wins the race”. The problem with instant gratification is it’s usually short lived because we cut corners to achieve it.

Nah, I’d rather put in the slow grit work now to reap the real reward I’m after which is being able to feel healthy and amazing in my own skin for the long haul 🐢

Who’s with me?

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